About us

Diza Creation Pvt. Ltd.

With a rich and varied experience spanning over 30 years in the textile industry, Mr.Sunil D. Kapadia started a new enterprise "M/s Diza Creation"

Diza Creation would operate and endeavor to grow our existing trading business of yarn and real-estate consultancy further.

Our group company "M/s M Creation" was established in china in 2003 and has been successfully sourcing various products for many of our global customers as per their requirements, from china. major product that we are involved which include Textile Machinery, textile raw material and spare parts. We also deal in industrial tools and other machinery useful for various eco-friendly initiatives like tyre-recycling plants, non-woven machinery etc.We also deal in home appliances, furniture and building material etc.

Besides these, We have an excellent network of our business associates in Dubai and Korea and can also assist our customers in exporting to or importing for these countries.

Currently we started new venture with world's largest bicycle brand named "XDS". We have to handle"XDS" sales and service through out the INDIA.

About XDS

Founded in 1995, XDS Shenzhen Xidesheng Bicycles Co., LTD is a bicycle enterprise that specializes in the integration of development, manufacturing, sales and services. Over the last 18 years of development and growth, XDS has already become the top bicycle brand in China, and the leader in Chinese bicycles with excellent products and superb technology

XDS currently has the largest production base in China, and is the largest manufacturer of carbon-fiber in the world. We are the first company to have a “Bicycle Eco Theme Park” factory in China, and we are the first company in the world to have our own UCI international standard mountain bike course. The company has won the “Guangdong Private Enterprise Excellence” award, the “National High-tech Enterprise” award, and numerous other awards. The XDS trademark has also been rated as a “Chinese Famous Trademark”. XDS has over 300 national and international patents, as well as winning many international bicycle invention awards.

XDS’s land covers an area of 450acres, which consists of the world’s largest carbon-fiber manufacturing company, a large workshop for producing aluminum , which has the industry’s most advanced equipment, and a manufacturing process that has the capability to produce over 5 million bicycles a year. Currently, XDS’s sales outlets cover over 30 provinces, cities, autonomous regions, and has over 2000 exclusive stores across the country. We also sell our products to over 50 countries and regions worldwide.

The Best International Ultra-Light Science and Technology, to Produce World-Class Ultra-Light Bicycles

Throughout the world, all brands of bicycle are trying to make lighter bicycles that perform better. XDS has already become a leader in ultra-light science and technology. Not only have we mastered the international leading core technology for carbon-fiber bicycle frames, but the NDRC has decided that XCF will be used in a high-tech industry demonstration project as a high-performance carbon-fiber composite material. We also took the lead in teaming up with a university (Central South University) to establish an aluminium material research base, which created a unique technology called X6 aluminium that started the era of lightweight aluminum bicycle frames.

Apart from using leading ultra-light materials, XDS studies every aspect of the research and development of the idea “ultra-light”. This includes, the frame structure, the structure of the pipes, the machining process and so on, in order to achieve all around excellence. Every XDS bicycle is exquisite, and is made to the same standard as other world-class brands. Not only does the lightweight performance outshine all of our peers and is an excellent riding experience that is both smooth and light, but it is also strong and rigid while maintaining excellent balance. To meet the different needs of consumers, we provide a very wide range of bicycles to choose from. From mountain bikes, road bikes and touring bikes, to ladies bikes and children’s bikes, XDS can provide the perfect bicycle that is sure to make you happy.